The Royale Travel Club is a uniquely discounted destination club for value-seeking travel enthusiasts.

With the gravity of over 300,000 vacation-loving members, we have the rare ability to structure deeply-discounted rates at the popular resorts throughout the world.

Here’s how it works:

Did you know that in 2019 alone, Expedia spent over $6.14 billion* in television ads? For instance, Expedia will pay over $100K for a 30-second commercial during big sporting events and prime-time television shows. They spend that money to entice possible buyers to go to their website and book travel.

So how does The Royale Travel Club consistently beat the pricing of Expedia (and other websites like Travelocity) by up to 60-80%, sometimes even 90%?

Because ALL the resorts and hotels that show up on Expedia have to pay to show up on their site. The popular travel websites are a “pay-to-play” model for the resorts. And the MORE the resorts pay, the more prominently they are displayed on the site.

This causes resorts to spend millions to be featured on Expedia-like sites, while simultaneously Expedia is spending over $6.14 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 in selling and marketing expenses.

All this money swells and bloats the cost of a resort for you and your family.

Expedia must recoup their $6.14 billion in advertising, so they pass on that expense to resorts, who in turn end up spending millions to advertise on Expedia.

What does all this lead to? In 2015 alone, consumers spent over **$6.67 billion on travel through Expedia alone. Yes, that’s nearly 7 billion dollars!

So how is The Royale Travel Club different?

We DO NOT charge resorts to “advertise” to our 300,000 avid-traveling members. We simply have contracts that require resorts to feature their 7-night stays within anywhere from $155 – $400 or $400 and above depending on the star quality for the week.

In the image below, you can see a real-life example of exactly how this plays out for you and your family: The famous Scottsdale Sheraton Desert Oasis Resort in Arizona with your private Royale Travel Club membership costs $1024 for the week, while on a popular public website (for the exact room and dates) costs $3,838.27.

So how are Expedia-like sites able to legally state they are offering the “lowest price guaranteed?” Because Expedia, and other sites like them, are offering their prices to the public at large. The resorts that advertise with them MUST contractually grant Expedia the lowest public price possible. This method is the “unique selling proposition” Expedia has to drive viewers to their site.

However, The Royale Travel Club pricing is NOT available to the public. Therefore, resorts are able to charge a fraction of the cost to our club. And here is the best part? The resorts make about the same amount of money because they CANNOT LOSE because they have no advertising fee.

Many of our members are stunned when they see the vacations our members enjoy at a fraction of what others pay. And one of the most frequently asked questions is: if The Royale Travel Club doesn’t charge resorts for advertising, how does the club make any money?

It’s a fair question, and though we do not generate the nearly $7 billion that Expedia does, we earn our money through the one-time $4,995 USD initiation fee, plus the $250 per year concierge fee.

* Click HERE to read the full article on how much the popular travel websites spend on television advertising.

** Click HERE to read full stats on Expedia’s revenue.