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Q. What is the product and service offered?

“The Royale Travel Club” is a collection of over 300,000 club members who save up to 90% off their vacations.

Your membership will give you the feeling of having thousands of mini-vacation homes & condominiums…built alongside the finest mountains, theme parks, lakes, golf courses, oceans, and beaches of the world…waiting for your arrival starting at $155 – $400 per week to $400 and up per week depending on the star rating (most of the Resorts have balconies, kitchens, living rooms, master bedrooms, and even kid’s activities…you may never want to stay at a hotel again).

Club members also enjoy discounted hotels, cruises, villas, luxury homes, and car rentals.

Q. Can I buy the membership elsewhere?

Yes, this membership has been marketed over 20 years with an average price of approximately $10,000 (USD). However, we are able to offer this product online for a low price of $4,995 (USD) one-time and then just $250/year.

Q. Where is the corporate office of The Royale Travel Club located?

Hoverson Leadership, Inc.
2925 East Riggs Road
Suite #8
Chandler, AZ 85249
United States

Q. How can I pay for the membership?

Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express)

Wire Transfer

Q. Can I save on cruises, and car rentals?

Yes, as part of your membership you have access to discounted hotels, cruises, and car rentals.

Q. How is The Royale Travel Club different from a timeshare?

Timeshares have high costs of acquisition, require annual maintenance fees that frequently go up, and have exchange and assessment fees. Timeshare ownership usually provides 1 – 2 weeks of access, requires the buyer to meet certain financial requirements, and also requires buyers to sign and agree to lengthy contractual obligations.

The Royale Travel Club gives you total freedom and flexibility to travel anytime, anywhere in the world, with a membership that is paid only once and has no other costs apart from the very low weekly rates when you take a vacation. There are no restrictions. There are no costly annual maintenance fees.

With, ‘The Royale Travel Club’, you gain access to an extensive online catalog of luxury resort properties and select the destination you want, including the world-famous properties of Sheraton Resort, Marriott Resort, Wyndham, Hyatt, WIVC, Club Intrawest, Fairmont, Four Seasons, and many others.

Q. How fast will I receive my membership and how will it arrive?

Memberships are web-based, so the delays and complications of receiving a mailed package are avoided. You will be notified by email with your username and password to login to the membership website within 3 business days of purchase (usually sooner).

Q. How does the membership work?

Once you are a member of ‘The Royale Travel Club’, you will receive your personal login details to our travel provider’s online system that lets you search your favorite destinations, make reservations online and pay instantly.

Q. How many weeks a year can I use?

‘The Royale Travel Club’ members get Unlimited premium weeks of usage per year. These are the best deals at the most sought after locations.

The membership also includes unlimited usage of the “Haven Getaways” and “Cruises” section of the membership, so you can vacation 52 weeks a year if you like. These weeks still provide savings compared to public pricing, but typically are not comparable to the premium weeks.

Q. How many nights/days are my reservations?

All reservations are for 8 days and 7 nights. If you want to extend your stay, you must coordinate directly with the resort.

You do not have to stay the entire week, just tell the resort you will be arriving later in the week or leaving before the end of your week. The “Short Stay” section of the membership also has stays for less than 7 nights.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of people who can stay in a resort?

Yes, all max occupancy limits are shown when you book the resort. It is very important to comply with the max occupancy listed. They are determined by fire marshal codes and all Club members must abide by the listed max occupancy for each unit booked.

Q. How far in advance can I make my reservations?

You can make reservations up to 11-months in advance and as short-notice as 72 hours.

Q. Can I change the date of my resort stay once it has been confirmed?

Unfortunately not. Once you have made the payment for the week you booked, dates may not be changed or canceled. The resorts do not allow us to make changes because our travel provider acquires these weeks at special prices under the contractual status of “non-cancellable dates. This allows for steeply discounted rates.

Q. Do Resorts have specified check-in and check-out times?

Yes, each resort specifies their check-in and check-out times. All that information is available before you book your holiday.

Q. What if I need help booking my reservation on the website?

Our travel provider’s customer service will gladly help you over the phone.

Q. At what time of year can I travel?

Anytime during the year. It doesn’t matter if it is low, mid or high season. ‘The Royale Travel Club’ is designed to allow the members to travel when you want to travel.

Q. Are there any fees or additional costs once you reach the resort?

Occasionally a resort will charge a resort fee or a required tourist tax that is not included in the weekly fee listed. Any additional fees like this are always disclosed before you book.

Q. Can I reserve a week for a guest, friend or family member?

Your premium weeks cannot be reserved for a guest, friend or family member, but they can join you on your vacations.

Q. How can I be sure that the resorts are of high quality?

All of our properties go through a strict screening process. As such, the vast majority of the resorts are luxury 4 and 5-star properties. We do, however, carry some 3-star STANDARD properties. Although not on par with traditional 4 or 5-star luxury resorts, these properties are in excellent areas and are a fabulous option for those on a budget.

Q. After I join, how soon can I start using the membership?

Your membership is activated in 3 business days after receiving your payment. After activation, you can start enjoying the benefits of the membership immediately.

Q. Customer service is very important to me; if I need help or have questions about a particular resort, is there anyone I can ask?

Our travel provider’s customer service is available 7 days a week during normal business hours to answer any and all questions about your vacation.

Q. What is the price of membership?

$4,995 (USD) one-time and then $250/year (to our travel provider) for unlimited premium weeks per year.

Q. We don't travel as much as we used to, can I transfer my membership to a family member?

Yes! We realize that as our family changes and we get older, our travel habits change. This is why we allow you to transfer your membership to a family member so they can take advantage of all the benefits that you have already invested in.

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